CEGN has commissioned a series of Issue Briefs on everything from granting strategies to the importance of the evolving green economy.  These briefs capture real-world lessons and important insights from our members and many others.  They also raise important questions and outline potential strategies for those involved in supporting action on sustainability.  See our Reports section as well for some other in-depth issue research.

Building Bridges Briefs

How to Accelerate Canada’s Transition to a Green Economy and the Role for Philanthropy by Tyler Hamilton (2011)

Canada and the Green Economy: The Role for Philanthropy by Alex Wood, Sustainable Prosperity (2011)

The Age of the Unenvironmental by Ian Gill (2011)

CEGN Issue Briefs

Calling All Funders: The Role for Philanthropy in Fighting Climate Change (2008)

Environmental Education in Canada (2006)

Urban Environmental Issues (2005)

Forest Conservation in Canada: A Summary of Issues and Opportunities (2004)

Thoughtleader Series

Winning The Race Against Time: How to make environmental grantmaking work better right now by Mark Sarner (November 2007)

Future Directions for Funding: Environmental Challenges and the Need for Integrated Problem Solving by Frances Westley (July 2007)

Bridging Gaps: Building Diversity, Resilience and Connectivity by Ann Dale (February 2007)

Coping With Reality: Key Issues Facing Canada’s Environmental Sector in 2006 by Michael Robinson (November 2006)

New Strategies to Confront Climate Change by Andrew Heintzman (October 2006)

Of Interest Briefs

Towards Best Practices in Environmental Grantmaking” – April 2004 by Ron Reid and Ric Symmes for Hamilton Community Foundation and Community Foundations of Canad