Day One Breakfast Conversations
Wednesday, May 16

7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

These conversations are an optional opportunity to learn about issues and initiatives that may not be fully covered in the conference. No pre-registration required. Confirmed conversations follow, but if you have an additional conversation topic we will post it at the conference.

  • The Changing Role of Philanthropists: What Tools and Solutions Are Emerging to Equip Funders for the Work Ahead? Hosted by Orit Sarfaty, Tides Canada
  • Below the Radar: Shipping Impacts on Climate and Oceans and Surfacing Canadian Solutions. Hosted by Meaghan Calcari Campbell, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Alliance 2030 is an emerging Canadian network designed to amplify and celebrate civil society involvement in achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in Canada and abroad. How Can Funders, Indigenous Organizations and NGOs Embrace and Benefit from Alliance 2030? Hosted by J.P. Bervoets, Community Foundations of Canada
  • How Can I Join with Other Funders to Advance a Low Carbon Future? Co-hosted by Corey Hunter, CEGN, and Valerie Lemieux, Catherine Donnelly Foundation. (This is a funder only discussion.)
  • How Can Tim Spend $4 Million a Year (Wisely) to Enhance Conservation in Manitoba? The recent establishment of the Manitoba Conservation Trust Fund is a terrific opportunity to boost conservation in the province. Tim Sopuck, CEO of the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, will lead the Fund and is looking for advice from funders and others as he gets the Fund off the ground. Hosted by Tim Sopuck, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, and Bruce Lourie, Ivey Foundation
  • Philanthropy for Reconciliation: How Can Investing in Collaboration Foster Transformative Change? Co-hosted by Eli Enns, Indigenous Circle of Experts, and Jessica Clogg, West Coast Environmental Law
  • Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in Canada: What is the Role for Philanthropy? Hosted by Beth Hunter, McConnell Foundation


Day Two Breakfast Conversations
Thursday, May 17

8 – 9 a.m.

  • Indigenous Philanthropy in Canada: What Are the Challenges? Where Are the Opportunities? Hosted by Shereen Munshi, The Circle on Philanthropy and Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and Pearl Gottschalk, The Cultural Conservancy
  • How Is Philanthropy Adding Its Voice to the Upcoming G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec and the G20 Summit in Argentina? How is the Foundations-20 platform (F20), comprised of some 50 foundations from around the world, seeking to advance pathways for truly sustainable development within the G20 countries? Join this session to learn about the F20; the Canadian funders who are already engaged; and how your foundation can participate. Co-hosted by Stefan Schurig, F20; and Andrea Moffat, Ivey Foundation
  • “Outside Thinkers” for Target 1: How Can Funders Collaborate to Help Create the Public Support for the Canadian Government and its Provincial, Territorial and Indigenous Partners to Meet, Sustain and Go Beyond their Commitment to Protect 17% of Canada’s Landscape? Hosted by Jeremy Guth and Stacey Faella, The Woodcock Foundation
  • Energy Democracy: What Is the Role for Philanthropy? (A primer to the morning’s plenary session.) Hosted by Chris Henderson, Lumos Energy; Kim Scott; and Valerie Lemieux, The Catherine Donnelly Foundation
  • How Can Collaboration Help Address Canada’s Multi-Dimensional Energy Impasse? Co-hosted by Adam Kahane, Reos Partners, and Beth Hunter, McConnell Foundation
  • How Are Funders Advancing a Sustainable Future for Canada? Join CEGN’s Sandy Hoang for a review of the latest update from the network on how environmental funding is being deployed in Canada. Hosted by Sandy Hoang, CEGN


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