In 2010, the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance called for Canada’s public and private foundations to invest at least 10% of their capital in mission-related investments (MRI) by 2020.

Nearly nine years later, many Canadian foundations have begun or are exploring opportunities to invest their capital in ways that bring about positive social and environmental change, more closely aligning their investment portfolios with their visions. Some have made great strides and are national and international leaders in this space.

To continue to support these efforts, Environment Funders Canada, Community Foundations of CanadaPhilanthropic Foundations of Canada and The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada are working together on the next phase of their education programs to help Canadian foundations implement more and better impact and responsible investing strategies, across their endowment portfolios. This work will include an update of the Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations, which was originally launched in 2017.

Foundation Investing 2.0 is being implemented by Rally Philanthropy and the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE). The project is designed for foundation trustees, CEOs, executive directors and senior finance staff, to support them wherever they might be in their journey. From the curious to committed, the project is designed for those who want to learn, begin, or deepen and scale their impact and responsible investing activities.

Over the next year, there will be opportunities to participate in webinars, access practical tools and resources and join in-person workshops and master classes on key investment themes and issues including climate change, decent work and reconciliation. All of the activities will utilize hands-on and peer learning approaches and provide practical steps to embed impact and responsible investing into investment oversight and governance.

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