We will be featuring stories about the impact of the work our members are supporting across Canada in this section.

Real Estate Foundation of B.C.

The Real Estate Foundation of B.C. has created a series of “Spotlight” videos that focus on successful community projects supported by the foundation.  Here’s a taste:

Toronto Community Foundation support for Small Change Fund

The Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital Ideas grants increase the effectiveness of successful initiatives in Toronto through one-time strategic investments. This capacity-building funding is awarded to help support programming that has a solid track record of success. Its purpose is to assist not-for-profit organizations increase the effectiveness of high-impact initiatives to position them for even greater impact in the future.  A TCF Vital Ideas grant to the Small Change Fund, which is dedicated to helping grassroots organizations increase their profile and fundraising capacity, had a big impact:

[TCF] support has been invaluable in developing the necessary tools to assess the effectiveness of our organization as a micro grant provider to grassroots projects working to building a stronger, more resilient and inclusive society in Toronto, and across Canada. The Vital Ideas grant provided us with the necessary tools to begin assessing our effect and influence on the sector and to develop an effective micro-granting/grassroots philanthropy operating model. Our Vital Ideas grant also enabled us to engage more individual donors to support the grassroots in Toronto, and to build a culture of philanthropy towards community-based projects. During the term of the grant we received 95% additional gifts and have increased the funds received by Torontonians by 74%.”