Environment Funders Canada (formerly Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network – CEGN)  is a national network of philanthropic foundations and other organizations that support efforts to transition toward a more sustainable world.  Our members work with non government organizations, community groups and other charitable organizations to develop and deliver programs that can make our communities healthier and more resilient, while protecting vital ecosystem services and the natural world.

Environment Funders Canada emphasizes shared learning through information exchange, personal development opportunities, best practice development, and all kinds of networking, including a great annual conference.  We use our conference, webinars and workshops, and research work to help our members increase their impact and effectiveness and to spur creative new approaches.

There has never been a more critical time for building a wave of change that can push us toward a more sustainable world.  And there has never been a more pressing need to increase the effectiveness of our efforts to build better approaches to everything from endangered species protection to urban development.

In the face of global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, we need a wide range of organizations pulling together to help build a healthier world and to protect invaluable planetary resources and services that provide us all with clean air, clean water, healthy food and a stable climate.

Recognizing that environmental problems are also often rooted in issues of equity, human rights and justice, we must take a broad view of the challenges ahead and work together to develop effective approaches that serve both people and the planet.

Strategic Plans


Our vision is an environmentally sound and sustainable Canada.


We work together to strengthen the impact of philanthropic support for an environmentally sound and sustainable future for Canada.

Strategic Goals

Catalyze collaboration
Build and share skills and knowledge
Grow investments for a sustainable Canada
Increase Environment Funders Canada’s internal capacity

Tom Eagle Memorial Hall - reconciliation
West Coast Environmental Law staff and Indigenous partners gather to discuss Indigenous environmental laws at the Kvai River Lodge in the Great Bear Rainforest, in the heart of Heiltsuk Nation territory.

Environment Funders is your chance to collaborate with and learn from organizations working for healthier air and water, action on climate change and to address other key environmental issues.