Redmond Chambers

Redmond Chambers

Membership Services & Operations Manager

Phone: 647-288-8891

Thea Silver

Interim Executive Director

Phone: 647-288-8891

EFC Board of Directors 2019

Karen Wilkie (Chair)
Program Director
Carthy Foundation

Carolyn Scotchmer (Vice-Chair)
Executive Director
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Jason Bates (Secretary and Acting Treasurer)
Vice-President, Grants and Community Initiatives
The Calgary Foundation

Amy Buskirk
Senior Program Officer
Donner Canadian Foundation

Andrea Moffat
Ivey Foundation

Eric St-Pierre
Executive Director
The Trottier Family Foundation

James Littley
Operations and Grants Manager
The Okanagan Basin Water Board

Scott Lloy
Government of New Brunswick, Department of Environment and Local Government

Jeremy Guth
The Woodcock Foundation

Karen Shelstad
Program Director
The Lawson Foundation

Kris Archie
Executive Director
The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Megan Tate
Director of Community Grants
The Winnipeg Foundation

Nicolina Farella
Program Director
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Wendy Vanasselt
Program Officer
Wilburforce Foundation