Save the Date!


Environment Funders Canada is excited to invite EFC members and other funders to our first ever virtual conference:

Transform 2021: Bubble-Breaking and Sense-Making 

This year’s event will be comprised of four afternoons (ET) spread out over two weeks, with an evening ‘social’ to kick things off.

May 25 – Evening social gathering

May 26-27, June 1-2 – Interactive afternoon sessions


What’s the focus this year?

This moment in time will be studied by historians for years to come. The global pandemic has given the world a glimpse into the challenges that lie ahead for our species in the face of climate change and ecosystem collapse. The task ahead is not for the faint of heart – we have less than a decade to engineer a green recovery, safeguard ecosystem integrity and implement a pathway to net zero, centered in equity and social justice. This is the battle of our lives, the greatest equity issue of our time, and our only option now is to respond with bold ambition and rapid action.

The environmental movement has realized some important wins recently, resulting from decades of tireless and often unseen work by community leaders, activists, the non-profit and private sectors and policy-makers. As environmental funders, we must build on this progress, while recognizing the need and the opportunity to act with even greater urgency. We must step up, do more, do it quickly and be willing to do things differently. We must break out of our sectoral bubbles, even while we remain confined to our social bubbles.

Transform 2021: Sense-Making and Bubble-Breaking is an opportunity to come together as funders to embody the lessons and wisdom that are emerging from the pandemic and to channel our tremendous power and resources to pave the way for the transformation that lies ahead.

How will it work?

While there is no replacement for the magic that happens when we are together in person, the Conference Committee is building an engaging program that includes plenty of time to connect with other funders through networking opportunities, fireside chats, Q&A sessions, interactive ‘sense-making’ sessions, workshops, and online social events – all with long breaks in between sessions!

Each day will be designed to help us figure out how to break a different bubble – economic inertia, privilege, public opinion, and our own philanthropic barriers.

Please save the dates and be sure to join us! Further details on speakers, sessions and registration to come soon!

We look forward to virtually seeing you!

2021 EFC Annual Conference Planning Committee: 

 James Littley (Chair), The Okanagan Basin Water Board

Kris Archie, The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Jennifer Canham, The Weston Family Foundation
Devin Causley, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Margaret Herriman, Max Bell Foundation
Joanna Kerr, MakeWay
Scott Lloy, Government of New Brunswick, Department of Environment and Local Government
Elizabeth McCallion, Peter Gilgan Foundation
Caroline North, North Family Foundation
Hedy Rubin, Real Estate Foundation of BC