Environment Funders Canada thanks everyone who joined us for our first ever virtual conference. While the conference is now over, please read on to learn more about (or remind yourself) how we spent our time together. All conference attendees should have received a post-conference e-mail with summary materials.  If you attended the conference and did not receive this, please contact Thea Silver.


EFC looks forward to seeing you at our 2022 Conference.  Watch for information coming soon!

This year’s event will be comprised of four afternoons (ET) spread out over two weeks, with an evening ‘social’ to kick things off.

May 25 – Evening social gathering

May 26-27, June 1-2 – Interactive afternoon sessions


Day 1 Agenda | Day 2 Agenda | Day 3 Agenda Day 4 Agenda

Click here for a pdf version of the conference agenda

The global pandemic has given the world a glimpse of the challenges that lie ahead for our species in the face of climate change and ecosystem collapse. It has powerfully demonstrated that social, economic and environmental justice are inextricably linked and fundamental to our collective wellbeing. We have less than a decade to engineer a green recovery, safeguard ecosystem integrity and implement a pathway to net zero, centered in equity and social justice. As funders, we must build on the progress the environmental movement has realized, while recognizing the need and the opportunity to act with even greater urgency. We must step up, do more, do it quickly and be willing to do things differently. We must break out of our sectoral bubbles, even while we remain confined to our social bubbles.

Transform 2021: Sense-Making and Bubble-Breaking is an opportunity to come together as funders to embody the lessons and wisdom that are emerging from the pandemic and to channel our tremendous power and resources to pave the way for the transformation that lies ahead. We must recognize that each of us only holds a tiny piece of the puzzle. To be successful, we need to elevate our commitment to bold transformation beyond our individual agendas, egos, and comfort levels.  By working together, we can usher in a new era of healing and resilience for our children and grandchildren.

This will not be a passive conference experience! While nothing can replace the dynamic of being together in person, we are designing a virtual experience that will engage you from start to finish. Each day, through compelling plenary discussions and ‘fireside chats’, small-group conversations, and interactive ‘sense-making’ sessions, we will explore how to burst a different bubble – economic inertia, privilege, public opinion, and our own philanthropic barriers – all while ensuring time for networking and informal conversation.

To start things off, after you register, we will be soliciting your input and ideas in advance of the conference to help shape the interactive ‘sense-making’ sessions that will happen at the end of each day. We will then further refine these discussions as we go, deriving inspiration from the themes and content delivered earlier in the day. And on the last day, we will create a funder-only open space for you to present ideas and questions to your colleagues and begin to catalyze post-conference collaborative efforts that are relevant to your work. Your input leading up to and during the conference will also provide valuable insights to inform EFC’s strategic planning process, getting underway in June.

So, roll up your sleeves and join your colleagues for some unparalleled bubble-breaking and sense-making!

We also know how tiring hours of online sessions can be so, in addition to mixing up the session formats, there will be plenty of breaks throughout the agenda. Use this time to stretch your legs, take the dog out, check on your kids, prepare a meal or catch up on emails. Or, just sit back and take in the music we’ll be featuring from or about different regions of Canada.

Thanks to our sponsors

2021 EFC Annual Conference Planning Committee: 

 James Littley (Chair), The Okanagan Basin Water Board

Kris Archie, The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Jennifer Canham, The Weston Family Foundation
Devin Causley, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Margaret Herriman, Max Bell Foundation
Joanna Kerr, MakeWay
Scott Lloy, Government of New Brunswick, Department of Environment and Local Government
Elizabeth McCallion, Peter Gilgan Foundation
Caroline North, North Family Foundation
Hedy Rubin, Real Estate Foundation of BC