Environment Funders Canada was thrilled to have been able to host EFC members and other funders at our national conference, Transform 2022: Connection & Collaboration, in Kelowna, B.C., in May 2022.

After almost three years apart, we were grateful (and relieved!) to be able to provide an opportunity for funders to reconnect in person and decompress in a beautiful place, enjoy each other’s company, connect the dots between different opportunities in front of us, and forge new pathways for the way forward.

With a deepened understanding of the interconnectedness between other change movements and ours, gained through the pandemic, and an ever-increasing urgency to respond to the intensifying climate and biodiversity crises, many of us are now actively and collectively working toward environmental change grounded in:

  • Justice, equity, and Indigenous rights
  • Trust-based philanthropy and deep relationships
  • Grassroots, community-led innovation
  • Responsible asset investment

EFC’s 2022 conference enabled us to enhance our connection to each other and to nature, nurture and facilitate opportunities for collaboration that will allow for new systems and solutions to emerge, and orient ourselves to key sectoral gaps that require our attention in order to spur the transformation we seek.

Here are just a few comments shared by participants following the conference:

“Fantastic 2 days. Great ambiance, content – not too heavy but right balance. Not an overwhelming program – nice intimate size.”

“Loved the honest grounding to open up the conference; great connections; SUPER inspiring talks.”

“I re-connected with so many people I haven’t seen in years and met many new people. I will be having at least two conversations about possible collaborations.”

“As someone relatively new to philanthropy and very new to grantmaking related to the environment – there was SO much to learn and take in. I loved the discussions and the opportunity to meet so many new people. It was energizing to hear the appetite for collaboration and for embedding JEDI into this work.”

“Thank you for calling out Indigenous issues/challenges as it relates to land management and the backlash they are subjected to. It is the first conference I’ve attended that openly acknowledged this sentiment.”

“Thank you for pushing EFC membership outside of its comfort zone. Offer what is needed; what is possible. Please keep pushing our membership to see ourselves doing more to create the change that is needed.”

“Conference was amazing. Speakers well chosen. Enjoyed the topics on deep canvassing and climate narratives, and deep emission cut work.  Thank you! Can’t wait for the next one!”

Our conference website is still ‘live’ in case you want to visit it and refresh your memory about the context and program. EFC members can also access recordings of our plenary sessions by logging onto the ‘members only’ page of EFC’s website.

Thank You to Our Sponsors
Our conference would not have been possible without our generous sponsors, whose support helped make our event a success!




Thank You to Our 2022 Conference Planning Committee

EFC’s conference was guided by a strong Conference Planning Committee, chaired by James Littley of the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Our sincerest thanks to this committee whose input was vital to making our conference a success.

Committee Members:
James Littley, Okanagan Basin Water Board (Chair)
Lauren Burt, Consecon Foundation
Flavie Desgagné-Éthier, Trottier Family Foundation
Aurore Fauret, Trottier Family Foundation
Caroline North, North Family Foundation
Mira Oreck, Houssian Foundation
Carolina Restrepo, Okanagan Basin Water Board
Rod Ruff, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation


We will soon be turning our attention to our 2023 Conference and will be sure to keep EFC members updated as plans emerge. Stay tuned!