Environment Funders Canada has established a number of Funder Groups to foster collaboration around specific issues. These groups are open to all Environment Funder s Canada members and activities are planned by the groups themselves and may include conference calls, webinars, aligned funding initiatives, and other activities. Environment Funders is also pleased to highlight collaborative efforts advancing sustainability that are underway outside of the network. Information on some of these initiatives is included below. We welcome opportunities to share information in our newsletter about all funder collaborations working to advance a sustainable future for Canada.

For information about joining any of these funder groups, please contact Thea@EnvironmentFunders.ca

Low Carbon Funders Group

This group is dedicated to spurring strategic collaboration to advance a low carbon future for Canada. The Chair is currently Annie Bérubé of the McConnell Foundation. Activities range from shared learning to aligned funding to support the implementation of the Pan Canadian Framework and to improve climate communications. Jen Lash serves as Environment Funders’ Canada Program Consultant for this work.

Oceans Collaborative

The collaborative is comprised of members whose grantmaking programs and interests encompass the conservation and sound stewardship of coastal and marine ecosystems. The Oceans Collaborative provides a shared grantmaking platform with some additional new funding, and will also provide opportunities for members to coordinate their grantmaking where this can help make the most of existing capacity. Darcy Dobell serves as Environment Funders’ Program Consultant for this work. Overview of the Collaborative’s work.

Other collaborations

BC Water Funders Collaborative

The BC Water Funders Collaborative is an informal body supporting strategic collaboration among organizations and foundations that fund freshwater and watershed protection efforts in British Columbia. More information.