Environment Funders Canada manages a variety of funder groups to foster collaboration, sharing and learning around specific issues. These include formal Funder Collaboratives (which include pooled funds and are supported by program consultants on behalf of EFC) as well as new funder-led EFC Funder Interest Groups (focused on shared learning objectives). All of these groups are open to all EFC members.

For information about joining any of these funder groups, please contact Thea.

Funder Collaborations

Low Carbon Funders Group

The Low Carbon Funders Group (LCFG) is comprised of group of funders who have come together to support the coordinated efforts of leading ENGOs working to advance the implementation of strong federal climate policy in Canada. Chaired by Annie Bérubé of the McConnell Foundation, the funder group pools and/or aligns significant resources to collectively support a collaborative ENGO proposal and strategy. A program consultant, under contract with EFC, supports the collaborative, working with both the ENGO partners and the funders. The LCFG has been instrumental in providing capacity for ENGOs to address and advance pressing policy issues.

Oceans Collaborative

The Oceans Collaborative (OC) is an active, open group of funders who share the overarching goal of restoring and protecting healthy, productive oceans and coasts in Canada. Chaired by Meaghan Calcari-Campbell of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the OC focuses on supporting Indigenous leadership and building stewardship and governance capacity; engaging, supporting, and mobilizing coastal communities and stakeholders; and advancing implementation of effective laws and policies to support healthy oceans and communities. The OC manages a pooled grantmaking Oceans Fund that supports strategic, catalytic investments in projects from coast to coast to coast in Canada. Darcy Dobell serves as the program consultant for this Collaborative. Overview of the OC and the Oceans Fund.

Funder Interest Groups

EFC Funder Interest Groups are funder-led groups of EFC members (and possibly other funders) with a shared interest in a particular learning objective, topic or issue – and a desire to connect more often to share knowledge, learn together, discuss funding opportunities and/or explore collaboration. EFC currently facilitates the following Funder Interest Groups, launched in early 2023:

Conservation Finance – Co-chairs: Andre Vallillee, Metcalf Foundation and Laurel Atkinson, Waltons Trust

Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) – Co-chairs: Meaghan Calcari Campbell, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Joanna Kerr, MakeWay

Trust-based Philanthropy – Co-chairs: Raine Playfair, Coast Funds and Arti Freeman, Definity Insurance Foundation

Organizing for Nature – Chair: Stan Kozak, Gosling Foundation

Let’s Talk Climate – facilitated directly by EFC with rotating funder chairs to cover a range of climate-related topics