EFC Speaker Series – Connected Waters: Funder Collaboratives and Water Health

6 April 2023 / Registration Closed

Connected Waters: Funder Collaboratives and Water Health Water.

The lifesource of ecological and human health. Watershed. An easily understood unit that connects people and communities to the natural world that supports us and provides a lens for action. Water needs us to work together and watershed security necessitates a new collaborative approach. Canadian funders have a history of seeding national and regional water initiatives that ensure we’re working together for water. For example, the National Water Funders Group of EFC seeded the emergence of Our Living Waters, the only Canada-wide organization uniting water leaders towards the ambitious goal of all waters in Canada in good health by 2030.

At a regional level, the BC Water Funders Collaborative has supported a network of water leaders who just secured $100 million in provincial funding to kick start the BC Watershed Security Fund. This new Fund will be co-developed between the province and BC First Nations and could become a global model for advancing UNDRIP.

Join us to hear from Andrew Stegemann, Director of Our Living Waters, and Tim Morris, Director of the BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative (and former coordinator of both the National & BC Water Funders Groups) to learn to about the history of water funding efforts within EFC, the developments and outcomes that have occurred since those early days and the opportunities for funders to work together to advance tangible outcomes on water and watersheds.