EFC Member Presentation: The Big Reveal – Charitable & Grants Data for the Environment

6 May 2024 / Registration Closed

Our Charitable & Grants Data for the Environment reports were unveiled on May 6, 2024. These two reports were commissioned by EFC to analyze environmental philanthropic trends over several decades and to provide an environmental funding snapshot of EFC members. Estimating Funding to Environmental Canadian Operating Charities 2000 to 2021, is an analysis of CRA data to understand how large a slice of the charitable pie goes to the environmental sector. The second report, 2022 Environmental Grants Data Landscape Snapshot, offers a snapshot of 2022 grants data and the environmental work being funded by our members.

Data Report 1: Estimating Funding to Canadian Environmental Operating Charities 2000 to 2021 prepared by Nathan Grasse and DARO.

Data Report 2: 2022 Environmental Grants Data Landscape Snapshot prepared by DARO

Presentation: The Big Reveal – EFC Charitable & Grants Data presented by Devika Shah, EFC Executive Director

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