EFC Speaker Series – Lessons Learned from Australia’s Climate Election

19 September 2022 / Registration Closed

On May 21, 2022 the citizens of Australia voted for change after nine years under the conservative Liberal-National Coalition government, and delivered a resounding win for climate action and environmental protection.

So, what can we learn from the Australian experience? How did change happen? What role did philanthropy play in bringing about this seismic shift? Can it be replicated in Canada and the US?

Join us for a fascinating conversation with three Australian climate leaders who not only bore witness to this change, but contributed directly to it in a hands-on way:
• Simon Holmes à Court, cleantech investor, climate philanthropist and founder of Climate 200
• Amanda Martin OAM, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network
• Dr. Barry Traill, Coordinator, Australian Climate Action Network, conservationist and ecologist

In conversation with Devika Shah (Environment Funders Canada) and Paige Brown (Biodiversity Funders Group).

(*Please email ashley@environmentfunders.ca for the password)