The New Plan for Climate Action in Canada – Funder Webinar 

28 January 2021 / Registration Closed

The Federal Government recently made a series of climate announcements to indicate their approach to ensuring Canada reaches net zero by 2050. This includes a reliance on market mechanisms, consumer incentives, support for the clean tech sector, and incentives for the fossil fuel sector to reduce emissions. The Government also announced legislation to hold this and future governments accountable to reaching their climate targets.

EFC is pleased to host a webinar for funders to review the recent climate announcements and the implications for Canada’s commitment to reaching net zero by 2050. Topics will include an assessment of the recent announcements, the role of provinces in securing high ambition, and challenges and opportunities to shaping the energy pathway. Speakers will also provide an overview of the priorities, goals, and strategies for 2021 and explore how philanthropic investments could help address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Moderated by Annie Bérubé, Program Director with McConnell and Chair of EFC’s Low Carbon Funders Group, this webinar will include Cat Abreau, Executive Director, Climate Action Network;  Josha MacNab, National Policy Director, Pembina Institute; and Jen Lash, Sisu Consulting.